Encourage a Love of Learning with Montessori Singapore

Teaching a child to love learning is a task that can seem almost impossible. However, with the Montessori Singapore method, it can be done for just about any child. There are a few fundamental techniques and principles that are used to give your child the best chance of success.

With the Montessori method, the curriculums based on the things your child needs to be successful. With this success can come a feeling of accomplishment, which can then grow. Eventually, your little one will love learning, as they will have become good at it and confident in their own actions. There are many ways that the Montessori method can help make all of this a reality.


The environment a child tries to learn in can make or break their success. You want them to learn in a safe environment in which we can teach them. However, many parents also want their child to make their own decisions because it will give them a sense of independence. They will learn more effectively if they are confident.

A messy and cluttered workspace, whether at your office or in our classroom, can be disruptive. Therefore, we insist on neatly putting away everything, so that children can better focus on the task at hand. To do this, we will provide a classroom that is organized with plenty of storage space.  We will encourage them to go get the things they want or need, and you will not need to worry that they will get something they shouldn’t.


Another main principle of the Montessori method is respect. Not just to the teacher, but to the child as well. Teachers of the Montessori method explain that respect between teacher and pupil must be mutual. This will help to form a relationship between the two, built on trust and partnership.

With this respect, your child will surprise you with how cooperative and easy they become. It’s much easier for a child to learn when around adults they have a solid relationship with. This respect also comes with freedoms that allow the student to learn the way they need to, allowing them to better pick up on the subject material at hand.

A Love of Learning That Never Fades

Learning with the Montessori Singapore method is a great way to give your child the chance to succeed. Whether done at home or in the classroom, your child can easily find a love of learning when they use the Montessori technique as they grow from early childhood into early adulthood.

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